In the chemical and process industry, as well as in the manufacturing industry and the offshore sector, various media are produced, manufactured, and stored in potentially explosive areas, thereby requiring special explosion proof equipment. Our explosion proof solutions are manufactured in accordance with EU and US directives relating to electrical and mechanical equipment for use in potentially explosive areas. We produce electric heating solutions for solid and liquid substances as well as for gases, and these may be supplied complete with control cabinets. Among other things, we produce

  • immersion heaters for liquid substances and gases
  • circulation pre-heaters for liquid substances and gases
  • gas pre-heaters for individual gases such as hydrogen, CO2 and nitrogen
  • air pre-heaters / re-heaters
  • finned tube heaters
  • various industrial heating solutions
  • junction boxes, thermostats, electronic temperature regulators and controllers for duct heaters

The term of "explosive atmosphere" is defined as a mix of inflammable substances - in the form of gases, vapour, mist or dust - which may lead to fire spreading to the un-burn mix following ignition. Atmospheric conditions are normally defined as -20°C to +40°C, pressure 0.8 - 1.1 bar. We produce equipment for ATEX areas, with different temperature and pressure on the media and for all temperature classes.


ATEX heater