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When it comes to process control, our knowledge of temperature control is world leading. Designing accurate heating processes allows our engineers to use all of the knowledge they have applied during those initial engineering phases in order to design and build the most appropriate control systems that will give our customers exactly the level of control their processes require.
From discreet IoT based digital controllers through to PLC and DCS based controls, our engineering departments are experienced and ready to cnsult at all levels of plant design.


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Thyristor Control Panels

Most heating units are supplied by us together with a total control system. To ensure complete compatibility and optimal design the complete manufacturing of both heating unit and control system is preferable. The efficiency of each heating system depends on the ability to control it accurately. Therefore, we have developed large expertise in offering the best solution for controlling each heating system application.

On-Off Control

For applications where accurate control is not essential the on-off control is suitable. On-off control switches the entire heater load either on or off. The control devices can be thermostats or for slightly improved accuracy electronic controllers with a resistance thermometer PT100 or thermocouple as sensor. For loads above the switching capacity of thermostats or controller the load is switched via a contactor.

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Step Control

For more accurate control than on-off and for controlling high load heating systems step controlling is advisable. The heater load is divided into a number of steps. Each step is switched by a separate contactor. Depending on the temperature difference between set-point and process temperature the step controller selects the number of steps to be switched on.

Thyristor Control

For high accuracy of control thyristor units are used.