ex immersion heater

Inline Process Heater / Immersion Heater (Hazardous Area or Non-Hazardous Area)

Pressure vessels or a combination of vessels form an integral part of heating units in many appliances. In the shell, (non) explosion proof immersion heaters can be mounted up to 36” outer dimension. Vessels can be designed in accordance with several codes as ASME or EN 13445 and in accordance with the PED directives.
Mostly the heating units are delivered complete with a total control system. To ensure complete compatibility and optimal design, the complete engineering and manufacturing of both heating unit and control system is preferable.


inline gas heater


– heating mineral, heavy and heat transfer oil
– fuel gas pre- and after heating
– heating and superheating gases (nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, carbondioxide, fuelgas, etc.)
– regeneration heating
– defrosting
– feed water heating
– evaporating water
– glycol seperators
– heating other fluids

inline heater